jam time classes rock!

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Our large indoor playgrounds are constructed specifically for the 6 and younger set. Our open spaces are filled with multiple Cedar Works wooden climbing structures with slides, monkey bars, firemen poles and much more, we also have a bouncy house, ball pit, a seperate infant zone with soft toys and kiddie gym equipment, multiple play tables with little smaller toys which we change out throughout the year, a large doll house, air hockey table, train table and many different ride on toys! Each of our locations has a unique full-size playhouse such as a playhouse, firehouse, and market!

Parents and caregivers can enjoy deluxe seating with free wi-fi and views of the entire facility. Gourmet coffee and nutritious snacks are also available in our cafe. You are also more than welcome to bring in your own food as long as it is nut free.

We pride ourselves on being a sparkling clean facility and keep to a rigorous cleaning schedule. All of our locations have large air purifiers that make the areas smell fresh and also kill many air born germs.

We are open 7-days a week to the public for open play. Our hours are 9 - 5:30 Monday-Friday and 9:30 - 1:30 Saturday-Sunday.

We host many special events through out the year and most of them are included in the cost of admission for that day and are free for class members. Our biggest events are a Halloween Party, a Holiday Party with Santa, and an Easter Party with the Easter Bunny. Events can be found on the events page of our website.