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You can now play 7-days a week ANYTIME we're open with our new PLAY Memberships!

You can signup anytime and your unlimited play starts the day you sign up. We prorate for mid-month enrollment. It's a 2-month commitment and after your 2-month membership is up, you can cancel anytime! A play memberships lets you play at any Jam Time location, so a fun way to explore our multiple locations.

$60/month for 1-child. $90/month for 2-kids. $120/month for 3+ kids in the same household.

Check out these awesome benefits of Play Membership:

Get your membership now by clicking here:

If you wish to cancel your membership after your initial commitment is up, just notify us by the 15th of the month by emailing us at membership@jamtime.com, otherwise your play membership will continue.