fequently asked questions!

Can I stop by anytime?

Jam Time's public play hours vary per location and change over time due the pandemic. Please check the calendar for the appropriate location and dates to see what times we are currently offering public and private play times.

How often do you clean your facility?

Jam Time prides itself on being the cleanest indoor playspace! We have temporarily removed our ballpits and many individual toys at all locations to ensure that we are able to sanitize and wipe down EVERY SINGLE SURFACE and toy between all bookings. So whenever you arrive for a private play booking or a private party, you can be assured that the entire facility was just sanitized. We also sanitize at the beginning of public play and at the end of public playtime. Jam Time is stocked with soap and water in all restrooms, our own FDA approved hand sanitizer which is a 75% isopropyl alcohol based sanitizer, lysol spray, lysol wipes and a water/bleach solution that is made fresh throughout the day per all CDC guidelines. All locations also have a FreshAir Surround air purrifer by Vollara.

Are Free Play Passes or Discount Play Passes valid on private playtime?

You can use all passes at any and all of our locations during our public play hours. Play passes or free passes can not be redeemed towards private playtime.

Can I use a gift card or Jam Time credit on private playtime?

Absolutely! You can use any gift card (not a play pass) or any credit on ANYTHING Jam Time, including private playtime.

Am I able to bring in my own food?

You are welcome to bring in your own pre-packaged snacks, and drinks, but everything must be nut and peanut free. We have 1 table setup in our cafe for families to use for snacks during playtime. You can not use the cafe for anything aside a quick snack or drink. No celebrations in our cafe unless you book a small group party with Jam Time.

Must everyone wear socks?

In order to keep Jam Time as clean as possible, everyone (kids and adults) must wear socks at Jam Time. We sell brand new socks that are yours to keep for $2 in case you forget to bring socks.

What is our curren masks policy?

Our current mask policy can be found here

Do you have a place to change a diaper?

Yes, we have changing tables in all of our restrooms.

I have a child under the age of 1, is Jam Time suited for babies?

We have an infant area with lots of baby toys including bouncers, an exosaucer, a smaller ball pit filled with infant toys, and soft gym mats and tunnels. 0-6 is our age range, and it's a great environment for anyone to start playing!

What form of payment do you except?

Yes, we accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express

Anything else I need to know before coming to Jam Time?

Everyone will have their temperature checked before entering the play facility and will need to sanitizer their hands when entering and leaving the play floor. If you or anyone from your group has a temperature after 2 checks, we will have you reschedule your playtime for a future date.